Makers of Anni Ruuth


Elina makes ANNI RUUTH ready-to-wear clothes and accessories and works together with the designer on wedding dress projects. Elina is fascinated by the countless possibilities of pattern making and the transformation from the drawing on paper to three-dimensional garment.


Mikaela is responsible for the wool crepe and silk satin products in the collection. In addition to this, Mikaela works together with the designer on unique projects. Mikaela pays special attention to the details of the garment. She enjoys to explore new types of technical possibilities of garment seam structures and details.


Most of ANNI RUUTH's hairbands are created in Mirka's hands. Mirka loves hand- embroidery and surprising details in clothes. Mirka is interested in the versatility of patternmaking and she loves to explore the limitless possibilities of pattern making.

Fashion Patterns Oy – Iti Tigas

ANNI RUUTH's ready-to-wear collection’s patterns are drawn and size sorted digitally in Espoo by Fashion Patterns Oy. The company's founder, Iti Tigas, has years of experience in pattern making and small series production. Fashion Patterns also produces ANNI RUUTH viscose-bamboo bodysuit products.


Meri is the maker behind the delicate silk organza products of ANNI RUUTH. Meri appreciates locally produced garments and companies effort to use local work force when ever it’s possible. Patternmaking is one of Meri’s strengths and close to her heart as well.

Main materials


Swan Queen feather top

Silk Organza

Giselle silk blouse

Nature sequine - Fish scale material

Venus headband

Wool Crepe

Célie crepe trousers

Finnish lamb wool

Hidden Gem hairband