Makers of Anni Ruuth

Atelje Päivi

Atelje Päivi is a small sewing atelje in the heart of Hamina's old town. We do product development with Päivi, and a large part of the products in our Bridal collection have been developed together with Päivi. Päivi has years of experience working in an atelier and making a unique pieces.


ANNI RUUTH's iconic feather pieces & wool crepe products are created in Olena's hands. Olena pays special attention to the details of the garment. Olena is always looking for new types of technical solutions and always wants to develop products a little further.


ANNI RUUTH's hairbands are created in Mirka's hands. Mirka loves hand- embroidery and surprising details in clothes. Mirka is interested in the versatility of pattern making and she loves to explore the limitless possibilities of pattern making.

Fashion Patterns Oy – Iti Tigas

Most of the ANNI RUUTH collection (Classic and Bridal collection) is manufactured at the Fashion Patterns atelier in Espoo. The patterns of our collection are drawn and size sorted digitally by Iti Tigas, the founder of Fashion Patterns. Together with Iti Anni does most of the product development work for the collection. Iti has years of experience in pattern making and manufacturing clothes. She approaches her work with passion and it is transferred to the clothes in the most beautiful way.

Main materials


Swan Queen feather top

Silk Organza

Giselle silk blouse

Nature sequine - Fish scale material

Wool Crepe

Célie crepe trousers

Finnish lamb wool

Hidden Gem hairband